Arsenal of Services

Policy and Progress Advocacy

The Government of India is, on an ongoing basis, refining policies to promote self-reliance, indigenization, technology upgradation and economies of scale in India’s defence manufacturing sector. SIDM aids this process and strengthens the government’s endeavors by representing the aspirations and concerns of the defence industry and providing unbiased perspective to policymakers. By engaging with the national and state governments in policy formulation, SIDM works to create an enabling environment. SIDM also works with the government to review the progress of procurement and development.

Policy and Market Research

Globally the defence industry offers a host of opportunities for the Indian industry to leverage. SIDM keeps track of global developments in the industry and identifies new trends, maps impact and pin-points opportunity areas for Indian companies. SIDM also analyses policy opportunities to maximize potential and capitalize on them for capability mapping of industry-specific products and services, to create a repository of innovators and manufacturers.

Emerging Technologies and New Opportunities

Globally, the defence industry is pioneering cutting-edge technology. SIDM monitors and creates access to emerging technologies for defence application so that Indian industry can pursue these opportunities. SIDM is building an international network of industry associations to enable access to state-of-the-art technology. SIDM also endeavors to create an enabling environment for incubating locally developed technologies, in public as well as private sectors.

Indigenisation and Innovation

Technology development and export capabilities in defence sector are critical for India to become a self-reliant nation. SIDM engages with institutes of technological and management excellence for indigenization and innovation in defence. SIDM also promotes public-private partnerships to foster sustained engagement between industries, R&D institutes, and innovative technology ventures. SIDM’s aim is to facilitate synergy between these agencies with the view of combining their operational experience and technological expertise thereby fostering innovation.

Export Promotion

SIDM works to raise awareness about the Indian defence industry’s capabilities on a global scale with a view of strengthening its image, creating new business opportunities as also gaining access to advanced technologies and capabilities, through global partnerships. To achieve this objective, SIDM publishes capability reports and convenes platforms to showcase the domestic industry through international defence exhibitions. SIDM also facilitates interaction between foreign delegations and Indian industry. In addition, SIDM provides consultancy services to foreign companies seeking to outsource to India.

Education and Skill Development

As the defence industry expands, it will also require people with skills in the domain. To promote defence technology and management, SIDM will design an integrated multi-domain curriculum and facilitate skill development for the defence industry through partner organisations.