Indian Defence Manufacturing : a $26 billion opportunity by 2025


Work closely with the Government towards enabling the growth of the defence industry. Collaborate with experts from the Armed Forces.


Catalyse the Indian defence industry to effectively contribute to India's national security and become a trustworthy global partner.
Since 2017, the Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers (SIDM) has grown and established itself as India’s only Defence Industry association and, today plays a proactive role as an advocate, catalyst, and facilitator for the growth and capability building of the defence industry in India. The Society represents the entire spectrum of Defence and Aerospace manufacturers in India covering both the Public and the Private Sector. Its membership constitutes Large companies, MSMEs, Start-Ups, FOEMs and Academic Institutions which are spread across all states and regions of the country.

SIDM stands as the ‘Voice of the Industry’ and works closely with the Government to shape a conducive policy environment for the growth of the defence Industry in India. SIDM has played an instrumental role in the formulation of key policies related to the Aerospace & Defence sector such as the Defence Acquisition Procedure (DAP) 2020, Draft Defence Procurement Manual (DPM) 2020, Draft Defence Production & Export Promotion Policy (DPEPP) 2020 as well as the first and second positive indigenisation lists and the third positive indigenisation list which is currently being formulated. In fact, the change in name of the DPP (Defence Procurement Procedure) to DAP was also recommended by SIDM.

Apart from presenting the industry perspective for the government’s proposed policies, SIDM also sends regular representations to the MoD and other concerned Ministries on issues constraining the industry’s ease of doing business. The Society has full-time in-house knowledge resource for all three Services and via its MoUs with the Army, Air Force and Navy, SIDM provides a platform for interface with the Services and enables the Industry to serve the emerging requirement of the forces.

As India expands its global presence, SIDM has emerged as the single reference point for countries looking to engage with the Indian Industry, having organised numerous bilateral interactions to strengthen India’s defence industrial ties and signed MoUs with industry associations of France, UK, South Korea, Sweden, Brazil & Australia. SIDM is committed towards making India Aatamanirbhar in Defence Production and is “Proud to Arm the Nation”.

SIDM President (2021-23)

Mr SP Shukla

Mr Shukla is among the top-most industry leaders in India with over four decades of rich, varied experience in managing large projects and operations across diverse industries, including the Defence & Aerospace sector. His academic qualifications include B Tech (IIT) and MBA (IIMA).

Currently, Mr Shukla is the Chairman of the Boards of several companies in Defence & Aerospace sector of the Mahindra Group including Mahindra Defence Systems, Mahindra Aerostructures and Mahindra Telephonics etc. His responsibilities include companies in other sectors also- he serves as the Chairman of Mahindra EPC Micro Irrigation, Mahindra CIE Automotive, and Mahindra Sanyo Special Steels.

Mr SP Shukla was elected President of SIDM for the term of 2021 – 2023 by the SIDM Executive Council. He previously served as Vice-President of SIDM from 2019 – 2021.

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