Assessing a Company's Ability to be a Part of Aerospace and Defence Manufacturing

 Society of Indian defence Manufacturers (SIDM), under the aegis of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), offers Defence & Aerospace Consultancy Services (DACS). This unique offerings helps map the competence and capability of the Indian Industry for defence manufacturing. 

Leveraging the CII legacy

Over the last two decades, CII has pioneered many successful policy initiatives, business events, and training programmes in the Defence and Aerospace sectors. SIDM is now carrying forward the legacy by further bridging the information gap between government and Industry with regards to the Indian Industry capabilities.

The Society's DACS  vertical works to reduce India's dependency on imports, transform Indian defence manufacturing and enlarge the share of Indian private industry in the defence sector. The overarching intent is to change the perception that Indian industry lacks capability to engage in Aerospace and Defence manufacturing.

Mapping core competencies to market needs

SIDM provides the members of the Indian Industry,  who want to enter the defence sector, with a clear and an impartial assessment of their existing capability and advisory on the opportunities available to them. This service is unique as it maps the industry's core competencies to the customer's requirements and increases their ability to integrate with the defence supply chain. 

The expert team of SIDM and CII assesses company's capability to manufacture various defence products, both with their existing facilities and incremental additions. The team also offer specialist consultancy and advisory services relating to Defence Procurement Procedure and policies.

Point of Contact:

Mr Bharat Jain

SIDM Helpline