SIDM invites membership from companies registered in India, academic institutions, R&D institutions, government bodies as well as societies. Membership is open in the following categories:

Primary Membership

Any firm/concern/company which is registered in India and engaged in the manufacturing and/or service activities in the area of defence, aerospace, shipbuilding, internal safety & security equipment and strategic industry, and has been in operation for more than one year, shall be eligible to apply for membership of the Society as primary members.

Associate Membership

Any organisation/society/institute/department of Government of India or state governments which is engaged in the area of defence, aerospace, internal safety & security and strategic industry as R&D institution / academic institution / strategic institution & think tank and foreign companies having registered office in India shall be eligible to apply for membership of the Society as associate members.

Membership Admission Procedure

For admission as a member of the Society, a company or a firm must apply to SIDM’s membership division on the prescribed form. All admissions, except where expressly stated, will be made by the Membership Council of the Society. Companies must first send an expression of interest by means of sharing the duly filled membership form. On receipt of the form, SIDM will process the application. Once approved, an invoice towards payment of the entrance fee and the annual subscription will be sent to the applicant. On receipt of the invoice, payment may be made to SIDM.

Entrance Fee

Entrance fee payable at the time of admission as member is as follows:

Category Type Fee (Rs.)
Primary Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Large Enterprises 10,000 50,000
Associate - 25,000

Annual Subscription

Category Gross Sales Turnover (Rs.) Annual Subscription (Rs.)
Primary < = 100 Cr > 100 Cr to < = 300 Cr > 300 Cr to < = 500 Cr > 500 Cr to < = 700 Cr > 700 Cr 10,000 50,000 1,00,000 2,00,000 3,00,000
Associate - 25,000
  • GST (Goods & Services Tax) 18% is applicable on the annual subscription and entrance fee amount.
  • To apply for SIDM membership, please fill in the form below. If you require any help in filling the form or have queries, please write to
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