SIDM Membership

SIDM invites membership from companies registered in India, academic institutions, R&D institutions, government bodies as well as societies. 

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Point of Contact

SIDM Helpline


Membership Benefits
  • Participation of members in sessions with the Armed Forces/ Ministry of Defence to understand future requirements.
  • Help members contribute towards shaping the procurement/ production policies by providing timely and strategic inputs.
  • Avenues for interaction with key decision makers to understand and remove procedural bottlenecks being faced by industry.
  • Establish linkages with large systems integrators from Private Sector, Defence PSUs and Ordnance Factories through Public–Private Partnership meets.
  • Facilitate JVs and technology tie-ups with foreign OEMs for local production/offset partnerships through bilateral and multilateral events.
  • Technical help and guidance through SIDM advisors (veterans) with over 35 years of experience in Defence & Aerospace Sector. These veterans belong to different domains such as Land Systems, Marine Systems, Aerospace Systems and Offset.
  • Workshop and capacity building programmes to update members with policy, procedural and regulatory changes in the Defence & Aerospace domain.
  • Regular updates on Tenders, RFPs and RFIs.
  • Capacity assessment and guidance for business diversification/development in Defence & Aerospace.
Primary Membership

Any firm/concern/company which is registered in India and engaged in the manufacturing and/or service activities in the area of defence, aerospace, shipbuilding, internal safety & security equipment and strategic industry, and has been in operation for more than one year, shall be eligible to apply for membership of the Society as primary members.

Entrance fee payable at the time of admission as Primary Member

Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Rs 10,000
Large Enterprises Rs 50,000

Annual Membership fee for Primary members

Less than 100 crores
 Rs 10,000
Greater than 100 crores - 300 crores
 Rs 50,000
Greater than 300 crores - 500 crores
 Rs 1,00,000
Greater than 500 crores - 700 crores Rs 2,00,000
Above 700 crores
Rs 3,00,000
Associate Membership
Any organisation/society/institute/department of Government of India or state governments which is engaged in the area of defence, aerospace, internal safety & security and strategic industry as R&D institution / academic institution / strategic institution & think tank and foreign companies having registered office in India shall be eligible to apply for membership of the Society as associate members.

 For companies with 50% or more holding by a foreign company-
Entrance fee payable at the time of admission as Associate MemberRs 50,000
Annual membership fees for Associate Members
Rs 1,00,000
Institutional Membership
Any organization / society / institute /  R&D Institution / Academic Institution / Strategic Institution /  Association and Society & Think Tank, which is engaged in the area of Defence, Aerospace, Internal Safety & Security and Strategic Industry, having registered office in India, shall be eligible to apply for Institutional membership of the Society.  Such Members shall only have an observer status without voting rights.

For  R & D Institutes/Societies/Academia-
Entrance fee payable at the time of admission as Institutional Member
Rs 25,000
Annual membership fees
Rs 25,000
Apply for Membership
GST (Goods & Services Tax) 18% is applicable on the annual subscription and entrance fee amount.